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Founded in 2008, Mat Tech is a bundled service provider for small to large industrial, chemical and downstream customers, offering a wide array of transportation, collection and disposal services as well as sanitation and specialty equipment rental for all project needs.

Headquartered in the epicenter of industrial activity in Houston, TX, Mat Tech has a long history of providing its customers with responsible and top tier customer service, allowing the customer to focus on project execution and finish jobs on schedule.

Collection & Disposal

We provide transportation, hauling and disposal services for a wide array of industrial projects.  We can handle various waste streams/types and provide proper takeaway to approved disposal sites.
  • Transportation and hauling of solid hazardous and
    non-hazardous materials
  • Removal and disposal of industrial liquid hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Delivery and transfer of fluids
  • Delivery & sourcing of chemicals
  • Roll off and frac tank

Industrial Rental

We offer a diverse inventory of industrial equipment and mats, including a complete suite of specialty tank and waste container rental services.

Equipment can be delivered concurrently with any mat rental or collection/disposal of industrial waste
  • Laminated hardwood mats
  • Digging & dragline mats
  • Crane mats
  • Skids and outrigger pads
  • Trash boxes & roll tarps
  • Vacuum boxes and frac tanks
  • Containment berms
  • Hoses & pumps
  • Generators

Sanitation & Other

We provide custom orders & bundles of any specialty equipment orders to meet your needs.

We have a substantial fleet of sanitation equipment and ancillary offerings, making sourcing specific products for project managers easy.
  • Portable toilets
  • Hand & eye wash stations
  • Berms for frac tanks
  • Sand and fresh water (plus delivery)
  • Other construction materials

Disaster Response

We offer a variety of disaster response services that can be sourced on a just-in-time basis, supporting our customers’ needs during difficult times.

We assist and respond both locally and nationally.
  • Potable water
  • Bundled sanitation solutions
  • Power generation
  • Telecommunication
  • Sandbags
  • Other equipment